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Bizi Kidz


Hourly, Drop-In Playcare

Policies & Guidelines

The health, well-being, and safety of our children are our top priority.

We reserve the right to refuse any family that does not adhere to our policies.

Definition Of Drop-in Childcare

A childcare arrangement where care is provided while parents participate in activities that are not employment related (running errands or leisure activities) and where parents are easily accessible. Parents must be able to be reached by phone and able to return to the facility within 15 minutes. As per North Carolina law not to exceed 4 consecutive hours.


CLICK HERE to register your child today. A completed Registration Form and Release Agreement are needed before your first visit. This will be kept on file for all future visits. We ask that you thoroughly read our policies/guidelines and encourage you to ask any questions you may have. It is the parents' responsibility to keep phone numbers and addresses up to date. Please let us know if contact info/authorized pick up info needs to be changed.


We follow strict pick-up procedures. The person picking up a child must be on the authorized pick up list. The same person who drops off must pick up, unless we are notified at the time of drop off that someone else will be picking the child up. We check photo I.D. to verify identity. We will not release a child to anyone who is not on the authorized pick up list or to anyone that appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Personal Belongings

Cubbies are provided for children’s personal belongings such as shoes, bottles/cups, diaper bags, or change of clothing. Please leave all personal toys at home. Any toy brought into the facility will be kept in the child's cubby. Please label bottles/sippy cups with your child’s name. If something needs to be refrigerated please let a staff member know and we will be happy to accommodate your needs. Please provide Bizi Kidz with diapers, wipes, and change of clothes for your child if needed. There will be a charge of $1.00 per diaper if they are not supplied by parent.


Payment is due when you pick-up your child unless you have purchased one of our prepaid packages. We accept cash or all major credit cards. Prepaid hours are non-refundable/non-transferable.

Snacks and Meals

Bizi Kidz does not provide snacks or meals. We do however have chips and juice for sale which can be purchased at drop off; Or you may bring a snack/meal from home. Outside food is allowed with the exception of peanut products. No peanut products are allowed in the facility! Water is available for your child at all times. Please be sure to label any food/sippy cups brought into the facility with your child's name.

Healthy Children

In the best interest of our children and staff members, we ask that you do not bring an ill child to Bizi Kidz.

The following are examples of symptoms exhibited by children who are considered ill:

An oral temperature of 100 degrees or higher, vomiting or diarrhea that has occurred more than 1 time in the past 24 hours, a contagious illness such as strep throat or pink eye, an unidentified rash, sore throat, excessive runny nose/sneezing, excessive coughing

Bizi Kidz reserves the right to refuse ill children. A parent will be contacted immediately to pick up a child that becomes ill while at Bizi Kidz.

Willing violations of this policy may results in future refusal of services.

*We Do Not Administer Medication Of Any Kind*

Discipline Policy

It is our policy to encourage good behavior by using praise and positive reinforcement. In the event that a child's behavior warrants discipline, verbal guidance and redirection will be used. Time out will be used as a last resort. If bad behavior continues for 30 minutes or more or compromises the safety of other children a parent will be called to pick the child up. Bizi Kidz reserves the right to refuse admittance to a child whose bad behavior continues on multiple visits or compromises the safety and well-being of other children.


To show our appreciation, every time you refer a new family to Bizi Kidz you will receive a $10 credit!

What do our families say?

"They are the BEST hourly, drop-in childcare facility! My son loves going and playing with the other kids, and the staff is top-notch! It is a safe place and I feel completely comfortable leaving him there.."

-Ashley P.

"Miss Lindsay is great! My girls

get upset when I pick them up.

Thank you Miss Lindsay for being so good to my two most valuable treasures!"

-Sherry J.

“My son gets SOOO excited when I mention Bizi Kidz! He loves coming to play while I go grocery shopping in peace! And when it's time to go, he never wants to leave! Thanks for having an amazing drop in childcare center for my son and so many other children to have a fun time at! #BiziKidzRocks"

-Courtney S.

"I have fallen in love with Bizi Kidz for so many reasons! But the most important one to me is the fact that I KNOW my kids are happy and safe while they are there."

-Jen L.

"I love Bizi Kidz because the kids

can play while mommy runs errands in peace!"

-Tonya S.